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No surprises,
no mystery bills.

Just brilliant planning.

Fee structures designed for fairness.

We believe in no surprises, we'll work with you to reduce your costs in time and money. We offer pricing solutions to meet different needs and priorities—and encourage you to select the mix of pricing models that suit you best.

Fixed Fees

Price certainty is crucial for some clients—so we offer fixed fees for whole jobs, or each stage of work. We carry the risk of any blowouts, and you fully anticipate fees.

Get complete certainty.

Hourly Rates

For maximum transparency, our hourly rates keep you in the know regarding scope and volume of work. Our rates are competitive, and you get real value.

Get affordability.

Volume Pricing

Better pricing for repeat work—or similar matters. We reduce and tailor fees to suit your situation, you get great value.

Get great value.


For immediate access to quick advice on a regular basis—your key people can sidestep purchase orders and prior approval, avoiding the expensive mistakes likely to arise without early advice.

Get early advice.


Sometimes your planning needs will require us to 'drop everything'. We're more than happy to rework other commitments and put in some long hours—all supported by a 20% urgency surcharge.  

Get urgent attention.


Until the 'paperless revolution' hits planning in Victoria, hard copies of plans, reports, and folders of case materials are essential. We offer fixed expenses per hearing day, bulk discounts, and office expenses on a percentage-of-fee basis.

Get relevant documents.

We make the contest fair.

We don’t over service—it’s just not necessary. We don’t do mystery
bills—they’re just not fair. We don’t do airs and graces—they’re just not us.


We believe legal and planning professionals should be completely transparent in their pricing.


Sometimes the best result requires a mix of pricing models, so we build pricing around your preferences.


'New law' creates value by being lean, focused, collaborative. Our lower fees build the future instead of reflecting the past.

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